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Flat lay of colourful hand-weaving and tapestry style weaving on frame looms from The Oxford Weaving Studio
Display of weaving books and a table set up for a weaving workshop at The Oxford Weaving Studio
Intermediate Weaving Workshop (Adults): Group Workshop
Students laughing while in a weaving workshop at The Oxford Weaving Studio
Flat lay display of small weaving frame looms from The Oxford Weaving Studio in a rainbow of colours
Detail image of intermediate weaving techniques for a workshop at The Oxford Weaving Studio
Intermediate Weaving Workshop (Adults): Group Workshop
Shelves filled with colourful weaving yarns at The Oxford Weaving Studio
Detail image of a needle being used to weave in ends at the back of a woven wall-hanging in the Intermediate workshop at The Oxford Weaving Studio
Intermediate Weaving Workshop (Adults): Group Workshop
Detail of snips being used to trim yarn on the back of a woven wall-hanging at The Oxford Weaving Studio
Rainbow coloured weaving sample for a weaving workshop at The Oxford Weaving Studio

Intermediate Weaving Workshop (Adults): Group Workshop

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Further your weaving knowledge and develop your own weaving aesthetic by exploring new tapestry and hand-weaving techniques in our 6 hour, Intermediate Weaving Workshop!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Building upon your knowledge from our Introduction to Weaving Workshop, we have expanded this workshop with the aim of furthering your weaving skills with new techniques and patterns, covering both tapestry weaving and hand-weaving so that you can begin to understand your design aesthetic and develop your own style of weaving.

What will I learn?

We will begin the workshop discussing the differences between classic weaving and tapestry weaving and how this influences how you might set up your warp using a frame loom. Weaving design concepts such as the number of weaving shafts you can work with, the Sett on your loom, your EPI and yarn selection will help you to further understand the relationship between warp and weft and how they can significantly impact the outcome of your project.

We will then split the remaining time into two parts. Part 1 will focus on weaving samples to explore colour, texture and pattern on 4 or 8 shafts that will replicate a design aesthetic similar to hand-weaving. Part 2 will focus on weaving samples to learn different tapestry weaving techniques including shaping, colour variations and finishing techniques for creating a tapestry.

The workshop will conclude with a discussion around what we have learned and a debrief on what type of weaving we might want to explore next!

What equipment will I need?

Each student will be provided with a small Rainbow weaving loom & tool set to work on for the duration of the workshop. We understand your own frame loom may already have a project on it, so we ensure you have what you need for the workshop, including all yarns and accessories to complete the samples.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop would suit those who have previously taken our Introduction to Weaving workshop or who have some prior experience of weaving but would like to develop and understand their own weaving aesthetic. By understanding the differences between hand-weaving and tapestry weaving the student will have a clearer vision of the direction they can follow to explore and develop their own work.

The class is designed to be fun and engaging with the opportunity to further your understanding of weaving while learning at your own pace. You will also have enough time to complete your project in this session. Typical class sizes hold a maximum of 6 students so you will have plenty of individual attention.

What’s included:

  • 6 hours tuition
  • Basic Intro to Weaving Kit- Rainbow Collection in your choice of 1 of 9 colours (12cm x 15cm loom, needle & comb)
  • All yarns and materials
  • Intermediate Weaving worksheets
  • Refreshments (tea, coffee & biscuits)
  • Guaranteed fibre fun in a relaxed environment!

What's Not Included:

  • Lunch (Please bring your own or purchase something from the Deli across from the workshop)

* Our weaving workshops have resumed following current government guidelines at the time. The studio has been adapted to accommodate social distancing and all efforts will be made to ensure everyone's safety under the new circumstances. To find out more about our preparations for our clubs, please visit our FAQs page.