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* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)
* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)
* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)
* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)
* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)
* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)
* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)
* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)

* New * Textile Arts Club (Adults)

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Our Textile Arts Club for adults is a tight-knit community of weavers keen to broaden their knowledge base of weaving by exploring design processes, developing new skills and learning new techniques in a social and friendly environment each week

Skill Level: Beginner/ Intermediate

Over a period of 5 weeks, adults are welcome to join us in the studio to further develop their weaving skills. 

Evening sessions:  5 x 2.5 hour evening sessions 

Tuesdays: 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Our Textile Arts Club is designed to build a participants knowledge base, skill level and confidence with weaving. The weekly, evening workshops are geared towards beginner-intermediate weavers who have already taken one of our Intro to Weaving, Cushion Weaving or Intro to Handweaving workshops, or who have already learned the fundamentals of weaving but wish to broaden their knowledge and refine their skill.

The Club will focus primarily on frame loom weaving, however beginner handweavers will also benefit from this club as we will explore more general weaving themes that are applicable to weavers working on different types of looms.

What is the format?

The format of the Textile Arts Club for adults will be a combination of formal teaching (approx. 1 hour) followed by a free weaving time where participants are encouraged to bring their current weaving project to work on.

In the first hour we will explore a subject and then practice the skill/technique, with time for questions. In the remaining time I will act as a weaving resource for each participant so that they can ask any questions they may have about their current project. As each participant will likely be working on a different project and will have a different skill level, this is an opportunity to get regular feedback on their progress.

What will I learn?

The topics that we will cover in the Textile Arts Club will have an emphasis on design and learning new techniques or skills that will help each participant develop their understanding of weaving and their weaving aesthetic. Knowledge-based topics might be where to find inspiration, how to develop ideas or how to plan a project. Practical topics might cover different finishing techniques, how to create texture or pattern designing. Topics will also be chosen on the basis of the group and what skills or knowledge they feel will help develop their skills as a weaver.

What will I create?

The emphasis in the Textile Arts Club will be less on creating specific outcomes but more about exploring new ideas and building a database of weaving knowledge that they can apply. However as there will be time to explore an individuals own project, we do expect that over the course of the 5 weeks participants will complete (or develop) a project of their choosing.

What will I need each week?

The teaching element for each week will vary. In one session you might be asked to bring in a photograph, the next you might need a loom to work on. We will provide any ancillary materials (such as yarn, paper, scissors etc) as part of the Club.

As you will (hopefully) be bringing in your own project each week, you might find that your loom currently has a project on it. If this is the case we will be able to loan you one of our small Rainbow looms for this purpose or you are free to purchase your own Rainbow Loom so you will have a sampler loom to work on. 

Will I have homework? 

That's up to you! You won't receive any formal tasks from us to complete by the following week. Each session is meant to give you a bitesize bit of knowledge which you can apply if and when you feel necessary. However if you would like to solidify your knowledge by using the club as a way to regularly practice weaving, then we won't hold you back! =)

What if I miss a session?

The topics we cover each week will not follow a particular order, so that if you miss a week, you will not 'fall behind'. To make it easier for participants to juggle their other commitments, we will record the teaching element of each session so that you can review this in your own time. These will be made available to you via a private link shortly after the session. 

What’s included:

  • 2.5 hours of tuition/ guidance each week (total 12.5 hours)
  • All yarns and materials
  • Guaranteed fibre fun in a safe, relaxed environment!

    * Our Textile Arts Club will begin in April following current government guidelines at the time. The studio has been adapted to accommodate social distancing and all efforts will be made to ensure everyone's safety under the new circumstances. To find out more about our preparations for our clubs, please visit our FAQs page.