Weaving Tool Set
Weaving Tool Set

Weaving Tool Set

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We are pleased to share our latest product. Our new weaving tools have been designed to pair perfectly with our frame looms.

Each solid beech wood tool set has been carefully designed to work with the dimensions and spacing of our frame loom. They are wonderful to handle, easy to use, frictionless, long–lasting and kind to the environment.

We have even designed each tool with a circular opening so you can store your tools neatly for safe-keeping using the handy clasp-ring that is included with the tool set.

What's Included:

Shed Stick/ Shuttle:Use this tool for picking up your warp threads and/or weaving across your project (25.5cm x 3cm).

Weaving Comb: Use this tool to push down your weft yarn into place (6.5cm x 5.5cm).

EPI Counter: Use this tool to measure how many Ends Per Inch (EPI) your chosen yarn is. This will help you to understand your yarn thicknesses and how your weft yarns relate to your chosen warp yarn (5.5cm x 2.5cm).

Needle:Use this tool to attach the end of your weft yarn and pull this across your warp to create each row of weaving (15.5cm x 1.2cm).

Metal Ring Clasp: Use this ring to attach all your tools together for safe-keeping (4cm x 4cm).