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Please help us by completing a short, 3-minute survey to understand what you want from a weaving studio membership and we will say thank you by offering you a 10% discount on all our products and workshops for one week only!

Since The Oxford Weaving Studio began in August of last year, we have taught dozens of students to weave. At the end of each weaving workshop we were repeatedly asked if we would be offering follow up workshops, tips and tricks on weaving or if we rented out our looms so that students were able to continue progressing their weaving. So it was only natural for us to explore this idea and ask those who would benefit most!

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We really appreciate your help in answering 10 questions on how, why and when you might use a studio membership at The Oxford Weaving Studio and from your answers we will do our utmost to provide a membership that will suit your interests, so please get involved!

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