Remaining Positive Through Craft

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Life as we know it has changed for the foreseeable. But it isn't all bad!

We may be living in unprecedented times, but that isn't a reason to throw in the towel! I know things are tough right now. The kids are home, we're adapting to new family dynamics, work is either non-existent, on hold or in overdrive. We're being forced to learn new things and adapt in every aspect of life, just to keep the status quo.

So how do we manage to find balance when the world is tipping? My solution has been to carve time out and get creative! Now you're probably thinking that, 'You run a craft business, surely you're always being creative?!' Well, the sad truth is, not as much as I'd like!

To keep positive and happy, I've been setting aside time EVERY DAY, even just a few minutes, to do one creative thing a day. I am trying things I seem to never find the time to do and I'm not being apologetic about it. I'm dyeing yarn, exploring knots, making new materials and essentially having fun! Now I encourage you to try this too.

If you're the type of person who likes (needs?) a challenge or to be held accountable, then join me in hijacking
#1creativething by sharing a post on Instagram of something creative you do every day that makes you happy. It may be about cooking, crochet or even cutting hair! I would LOVE you to get involved because creating has really helped me to remain positive and I'm sure it will help you too! So tag me on the socials (@oxfordweavingstudio) or email me at info@oxfordweavingstudio and let me know what you've been doing to make you happy. Happy creating people and stay safe.

Cass (happy with itchy crafting fingers)

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