Textile Arts Club FAQs

Kids Weaving Workshop


What do children do at the Textile Arts Club?

Our Textile Arts Club is more than just childcare! With small groups and experienced teachers, children who attend our Clubs will come away with an appreciation for weaving, the Textile Arts and a new community from the only creative studio specialising in weaving in Oxfordshire!

As the only Textile Arts studio offering tuition in the unique craft of weaving in Oxfordshire and with the Textile Arts under-supported in the school environment, there are few opportunities for children to really engage with this medium.

In all our Clubs we work closely with children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Textile Arts through a focus on weaving. Working with different materials and learning new techniques, children will create original woven projects throughout their time with us.

Children will also be encouraged to learn and draw upon other Textile Arts skills they may have, such as sewing, embroidery, needlepoint and crochet to complete and/or embellish their work (which will be taught as needed).

Is the Textile Arts Club suitable for boys and girls?

Yes! Weaving is a skill that is great for both boys and girls. In addition to teaching children about the broader textile arts through colour, texture, materials and cultures, weaving helps children develop skills in maths, problem solving, pattern recognition and design. These are important, transferable skills that enable creativity across all areas of education.

What does my child need to bring to their workshop?

On the first day of your child’s workshop they will be choosing their favourite coloured Rainbow Loom & Tool set. This is the tool set they will be using throughout their 10 week Club and will remain in our care on a weekly basis so that they can continue their project. The loom is theirs to keep and take home the end of the 10 weeks.

All other materials, tools and equipment will be supplied to children each day.

Children are welcome to bring a healthy snack and water bottle to keep them fuelled, however no nuts please!

What if my child has allergies?

Please notify us in advance if your child has any allergies so that we can ensure their safety. We ask that parents make us aware of any medications or the use of an epi-pen in advance.

What is your policy on children arriving/ leaving the studio independently?

We will be following educational guidelines on the arrival and departure of children to our studio:

Children in Years 3 – 6 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. Parents must sign their child(ren) in and out at each session. Another adult can collect your child with prior written consent and a safe password for each family will be established.

Children in Years 7+ ARE FREE TO ARRIVE/DEPART ON THEIR OWN WITH PARENTAL CONSENT. Children in Years 7+ may arrive and depart the studio on their own, however written parental consent is required.

A What’sApp group will be established at the start of each term to ensure parents are informed of when their child leaves the studio and can expect them home safely.

Can my child(ren) come to the studio directly after school?

Yes! But we ask that all children aim to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their workshop as our studio can only accommodate 6 students at a time.

Children arriving for the 3:30 weekday and 9:30 Saturday workshops are asked to come directly to the studio by buzzing for entry by the South Door and coming directly upstairs into the studio.

Children arriving for the 4:30 weekday and 10:30 Saturday workshops are asked to quietly wait in the Makespace Gallery after buzzing for entry by the South Door. We will collect children from this space when their workshop is due to begin.

Please note: Adults and children waiting in the Gallery must keep noise to a minimum as this is a shared, open-plan working space where The Oxford Weaving Studio does not have exclusive use. If quiet is not maintained we will be forced to revoke this privilege and adults and children will be forced to remain outdoors until their workshop start time.

What happens when children are finished their workshop?

Children in Years 3 – 6 will need to be signed out by a parent. We ask that parents remain outside until the workshop is finished and we will bring children downstairs and to the North Door exit.

Children in Years 7+ can sign themselves out of the workshop (with written permission by parents) and will exit by the North Door. We will then send parents a message through What’sApp to notify them that their child has left the building.

What if I’m late collecting my child?

We encourage all parents to be prompt in collecting their child, however we do understand exceptional circumstances. In this instance the child will remain in our care, however we may need to charge a fee to cover the cost of staff remaining in the studio.

Setting up a What’sApp group at the beginning of term will help us all to keep in touch should something unexpected arise.

Can we wait at Makespace until our child(ren) is finished their workshop?

Sadly we cannot have families waiting in the Gallery space for their child(ren) while they are in their workshop as we do not have exclusive use to the space. The Gallery is a working environment for Hot Deskers so noise must be kept to a minimum and Social Distancing also makes this difficult at this time.

Is there parking?

The Makespace community building has a limited number of drop-off/ collection parking spaces available to parents that should only be used for these purposes. Please do your utmost to walk, cycle or take public transport if this is a possibility.

Vehicles cannot park in the parking bays for a longer duration as these are in constant use by other members working inside the building.

Please note: The car park can only be accessed via Hayfield Rd. 

What happens if Covid forces your studio to close?

We have anticipated this for many months, so we have put in place measures to send children all the materials they would need to carry on with their projects via Google Meets or Zoom. We have trialled this during lockdown so feel confident that children can adapt with a little encouragement.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

Please visit our dedicated page to find out more