'The Oxford Frame Loom' Pre-Order

The Oxford Loom in action with Cassandra Sabo

Re-Launching The Oxford Frame Loom!

The Oxford Frame Loom is the most comprehensive loom you will ever buy. Designed by Cassandra Smith, a trained weaver with a background in engineering and founder of The Oxford Weaving Studio and Cassandra Sabo Designs, this is a versatile, double-sided loom that works brilliantly for both the new weaver and advanced textile designer!

However, for more than a year we have been searching for a new supplier of our uniquely designed loom, and we have found one! The loom is in the final stages of development with our new supplier and we will be testing the looms for quality in the coming weeks. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to learn more about the re-launch of The Oxford Frame Loom.

A simple loom for beginners who want their loom to grow with their level of experience.

This loom is the clever choice of loom for those new to weaving and looking to buy a frame loom that will make learning to weave straightforward, but also enabling them to grow with the loom as their experience and knowledge grows. With all the clever features that have been included in this one design, beginners can experiment with wider, tapestry-style wall-hangings or try out finer, more complex patterns and designs. It will help them to discover what kind of weaving they enjoy and develop their style of weaving through experimentation... a first for a frame loom!

Suitable for the advanced weaver too...

As a trained hand-weaver, Cassandra is also familiar with all the complex techniques and styles of weaving that you might want to try too. As an expert weaver you may want to create quick samples to test out a new double cloth design, try out a fancy yarn to use in an extra warp, to create pleats, weave a finer cloth at 16 EPI... If you want a frame loom that can that help you weave all these techniques, then this is the loom for you.

Why is it a better value loom?

The Oxford Loom was designed to help you buy once, by buying well. The quality materials and craftsmanship, the special design features that help you to explore tapestry and hand-weaving all on one frame loom, the ability to add extra features like heddle bars when your experience level grows, the compact nature of the loom and the affordable price, make this the best value loom you can buy. 

What are the amazing features of this loom?

  • Warp spacing can be sett at 2 or 4 EPI for tapestry weaving, or as fine as 8 or 16 EPI for hand-weaving (similar to the original OWS design)
  • The loom features 2 double-sided heddle bars so you can weave 2 projects at once
  • The top heddle bar is adjustable, sliding along the vertical channels to adjust warp tension
  • The top heddle bar can be placed in different positions to create smaller projects, wasting less yarn
  • Looms are available in 2 sizes (Medium & XL)
  • Sustainably made using locally sourced Beech hardwood
  • Beautifully handcrafted by Andy at Arcadian Furniture

The Oxford Frame Loom Re-Launch
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Available in 2 sizes, this newly designed frame loom will give you maximum flexibility in designing and weaving just about any type of woven design you can dream up. From a simple contemporary wall-hanging to a double cloth cushion,  lampshade or chunky scarf, the new 'Oxford Loom' will help you to create a wide range of projects only achievable on our new frame loom design.

Why have I re-designed my popular OWS frame loom?!

I listened to you, my customers, on what would help you to become a more confident and creative weaver! Thanks to those of you that completed my survey this winter, those who have taken my workshops or reached out on social media, I now better understand what you would like to learn, what types of projects you would like to try and the creative ambitions of our very diverse weaving community.

However, with the conventional frame loom, many of your project ambitions could simply not be realised due to the nature of this type of loom. To understand why, you might benefit from reading my 2 blog posts on the differences between Tapestry Weaving and Hand-weaving. My aim was to design the perfect frame loom so that you could enjoy all the benefits of weaving, regardless of the style you enjoyed, for a more affordable price than more complex types of weaving looms on the market.

Designed by a trained weaver with an engineering background...

Why is this important? Many of the frame looms currently on the market were designed by hobby weavers for beginner weavers. These basic, affordable looms for beginner weavers are great if you're on a budget, just wanting to give weaving a try or are happy learning the basics. But the minute you want to explore the craft of weaving, most of these looms become redundant. You simply can't create anything more complex without investing in much larger, more costly looms.

With my background in engineering, training as a weaver at Central Saint Martins and over 10 years of weaving experience I have the knowledge and experience of working on a variety of looms to create both simple and complex weaving projects. This has made me uniquely qualified to design a frame loom that will open up the creative possibilities so you too can evolve as a weaver, while keeping the loom simple to use, taking up very little room and not costing the earth!


Who is this new frame loom for?

This loom is perfect for the weaver looking for maximum flexibility for their creative weaving ambitions. Beginner weavers will be purchasing a solid, portable and cost effective frame loom that is easy to use, quick to set up and will give them plenty of room to grow and develop as a weaver with all the extra features of The Oxford Loom that they can access when they are ready.

Experienced weavers will love this loom as it is the only loom on the market that will enable them to weave double cloth, extra warps and more complex designs usually reserved for hand-weaving. The spacing of the warp is finer than most frame looms on the market, with spacing possible at 2, 4, 8 or 16 EPI. The spacing also follows hand-weaving conventions, so that you can test or design a small sample on the frame loom, save your technical notes and then take your design to your hand or floor loom (at home, uni or to your studio) and take it into production. A seamless transition!

For those looking to create more diverse projects on their loom, The Oxford Loom will give you flexibility to create longer projects too (scarves, lampshades, planter pots), wider projects (cushions, wall-hangings) and double-side projects (double cloth, pleats, pouches, santa sacks, X-mas stockings). These are just a sample of the projects we hope to share with you this year, however many of these projects are just not possible without The Oxford Loom.


Does this sound like something you'd like to learn more about?

If you're reading this and you'd like to learn more, I have attached a list of all the amazing features of this loom that make it a one of a kind on the market below. So scroll down to look at this long list of unique features.

But if you're still not convinced and would like to see how these features work in practice, I'm going to be giving you many opportunities to learn more if you visit the studio, on live Instagram sessions, through our stories on Instagram and Facebook and via our YouTube channel so you can be ready to purchase the loom at our special re-launch price.

The Oxford Loom weaving with a comb The Oxford Loom disassembled for easy storage The Oxford Loom flatlay with weaving tools and extra heddle bar The Oxford Loom extendable heddle bar The Oxford Loom with extra double-sided Heddle bar. The Oxford Loom with double-sided heddle bars


1. The Oxford Loom is Available in 2 sizes

Medium Frame Loom size
  • Overall dimensions: 30cm x 37cm
  • Weaving width: 25cm x 32cm
  • Available with an optional Heddle Bar
  • Available with an optional Loom Stand
  • Ideal for weaving smaller or longer projects like coasters, lavender sachets, jewellery, small wall-hangings, scarves and small lampshades
  • Loom best suited to weaving on the table, on your lap or vertically with clamps (purchased separately)
X-Large Frame Loom size
  • Overall dimensions: 56cm x 56cm
  • Weaving width: 51cm x 51cm
  • Ideal for weaving larger and longer projects like cushions, throws, wraps, lampshades and larger wall-hangings
  • Available with an optional Heddle Bar
  • Available with an optional Loom Stand
  • Loom best suited to weaving on the table, your lap, stood up at an angle with the optional loom stand or vertically with clamps (purchased separately)
2. New, Double Sided Heddle Bars
  • Weave 2 projects at the same time
  • Set the loom up to weave Double Cloth designs (ie. pouches, santa sacks and X-Mas stockings)
  • Deep and wide grooves where the warps sit are on both sides of the Heddle Bar, making it possible to wind on a longer warp or thicker yarns.
  • Add in a extra warp using the 2nd side of the Heddle bar or adding an extra Heddle Bar (purchased separately)
3. New, Adjustable Heddle Bars
  • Adjust your warp tension by sliding the Heddle Bar up or down
  • Adjust your Heddle Bar to the lowest position to create smaller projects so as not to waste yarn
  • Add a 3rd Heddle Bar to tie in an extra warp of a different quality
  • Remove top and or bottom Heddle Bars and position to weave longer projects using clamps (think scarves, lampshades and plant pot holders)
4. Versatile Heddle Bar with Spacing Options at 2, 4, 8 or 16 EPI  
  • Weave Tapestries using the 2 or 4 EPI settings to cover your warp with your weft yarn
  • Weave finer cloth when sett at 8 or 16 EPI
  • Save your project details and weave on a hand or floor loom as our loom sett works with common and traditional loom settings
5. Frame loom can be dis-assembled, transported and stored with ease
  • Dis-assemble the loom completely for easy storage and transportation
  • Handy clasp ring can be attached to the loom to store weaving tool set and wing nuts when not in use
  • Includes a small pouch to store wing nuts
  • A felt storage pouch protects the loom when being stored
6. Solid, Sustainable, Hardwood Design Constructed by local craftsmen Arcadian Furniture
  • Premium quality construction by Simon @ Waywood Furniture
  • The Oxford Loom features locally sourced solid Beech hardwood
  • Constructed of sustainable hard wood, with each piece chosen for its quality and strength
  • Hand sanded for a smooth finish
  • Natural Beech finish
7. A Uniquely Designed Frame Loom where details matter
  • The raised warp on the front face makes it easier to insert your weaving tools as it clears the side frames
  • Heddle Bars are reversible and can be flipped over on the reverse to raise the face of the woven project above the side frames for easier weaving
  • Smooth wood surface avoids snagging yarns
  • Heddle bar design ensures they sit snugly in the channels on the side frames to maintain even warp tension and a square shape when weaving so projects remain square
  • Easy to loosen and remove wing nuts when adjusting or re-positioning the Heddle Bars
  • The long channel makes re-positioning the Heddle Bar easier for smaller projects
  • It leaves enough space when using a third Heddle bar when adding an extra warp or to maintain the weaving width more easily

8. Traveling with your loom is a dream

  • The frame loom disassembles quickly and easily, making it easy to transport and take with you on holiday
  • It can be stored in the sturdy storage tube or box for safe keeping, so that it doesn't get damaged and fits in most suitcases
  • Using a simple technique, it is possible to disassemble your loom with a warp or project still on the loom
  • Pop your warped loom or unfinished project into in your storage tube or wind it up into your protective felt storage pouch to work on it later