Upgrade Your Existing OWS Frame Loom!

Optional Upgrades for Your Existing OWS Frame Looms

We know that many of you over the last few years have already purchased our existing OWS frame looms individually or as part of a weaving workshop. So we thought how you might be able to upgrade your loom too, to take advantage of The Oxford Frame Loom design.

Two Options Available

There are two options available to partially upgrade your existing OWS frame loom. You can now purchase the side frames of The Oxford Frame Loom and use your existing single-sided heddle bars or purchase two double-sided heddle bars and keep your existing side frames of your OWS frame loom.

Both of these options will give you some, but not all of the functionality of the new frame loom design and may require some adjusting at home.

Option 1: Purchase a new set of sides frames for either Medium or XL looms

This option will allow you to keep your existing single-sided heddle bars and screw them onto the new side frames with your wing nuts. No adaptations to the loom are necessary (see photo above with single-sided heddle bar in the middle of the frame loom).

Advantages: This combination will enable you to weave longer projects (but not as long as with The Oxford Frame Loom), adjust your tension on the loom (by sliding your heddle bar up and down) and adapt the height of your project by positioning in different positions on the side frames. No adjustments to the loom are needed.

Disadvantages: See the advantages of Option 2 below.
The Oxford Frame Loom attached to a table to extend the warpOptional Set of Side Frames

Option 2: Purchase a new set of double-sided heddle bars for either Medium or XL looms

This option will allow you to keep your existing fixed-position side frames and fit the new double-sided heddle bars into your side frames with the wing nuts.

Advantages: This combination will enable you to weave wider projects, try new, double-sided techniques and weave two projects at once.

Disadvantages: See the advantages of Option 1 above. You will also potentially need to widen the existing channel and/or drilled hole to fit the new double sided heddle bars. We may be able to offer this service going forward, but not at this stage of the product development.

Double-Sided Heddle bars from The Oxford Frame Loom on existing OWS frame Loom

Which option is best for you?

Each of these options will enable you to extend the life of your existing frame loom so that you can keep developing your skills as a weaver. However which decision you make will depend on the type of weaving you are looking to do.
If you are more project oriented and wish to weave slightly longer projects, adjust the tension of your warps because you are experimenting with different types of yarns or like the flexibility of setting up different heights of projects, then purchasing the adjustable side frames is the better option for you.
However if you are curious about learning more advanced techniques by weaving double-sided projects, wider widths, creating pleats, pockets or double-sided cloth, then maybe this is your preferred choice.
Sound confusing? It is a little bit when you don't fully know yet what style of weaving suits you best. But just remember, you can also mix and match the sizes of the side frames and the double-sided heddle bars to create different sizes of looms, unique to you.

If, however, you would like to learn more about how these optional upgrades would work in practice, then I have scheduled an Instagram Live session this Friday lunchtime (1pm) and I will share how these options will work in practice.

If you can't make that session, it will be recorded to watch later. Or you can also visit us during our open studio during Artweeks (May 12th - 15th) for a live demonstration. Live abroad, then please get in touch via email at info@oxfordweavingstudio and we can set up a Zoom and I will talk you through the differences!

I hope this helps!

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