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Our frame looms have been designed for weavers of all ages and abilities. Regardless if you're at the beginning of your journey or if you are looking to create more advanced projects, all our frame looms have the same unique design which will help you discover your weaving style!

Frame looms are a great way of learning to weave as the setup is straightforward, giving you ample opportunity to enjoy the process of weaving. Featuring a Sett (spacing on the loom) of 4, 8 or 16 EPI (ends per inch), a feature not available in other frame looms on the market, our looms enable weavers to design their projects on the frame loom and then realise these designs on larger format hand and floor looms as their skills and confidence progress.

We currently have 3 sizes. Our Small frame loom is a laser-cut acrylic loom from our Rainbow Collection available in 9 colours. The Oxford Frame Loom is our new design, featuring double-sided heddle bars (the first of its kind). They are made of solid beech, hand-crafted locally and are available in Medium and X-Large sizes.

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