Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions
Creative Weaving Sessions

Creative Weaving Sessions

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Join us in the studio for our Creative Weaving Sessions where beginners can try hand-weaving for the first time or more experienced weavers can test out new yarns and warp set ups without having to go through the time and expense of dressing the loom!

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

What will I learn?

These new weaving sessions are a rare opportunity for anyone to discover or develop their weaving style. With 4 table looms dressed and ready for weaving, anyone with the interest to explore and expand their weaving knowledge can book time on a loom of their choice.

You will use your creativity to explore colours, textures and patterns to weave your very own handwoven textile, which you will take home with you at the end of the session.

Participants joining a Creative Weaving Session will be introduced to the studio, given guidance on the equipment and accessories needed to weave on a table loom, given a demonstration on how to weave on a table loom (it's easier than you think!) and given access to hundreds of yarns and fibres to experiment with and create their cloth.

These sessions are not a workshop, which means that participants are encouraged to explore how to weave on a table loom independently. We call this free-weaving, where a weaver enjoys the process of making cloth, without having a fixed plan. It is more about experimenting with different yarns and fibres and working intuitively.

More experienced weavers looking to explore the warp, the shafts or the draft set-up will be able to experiment with new patterns, textures or techniques, giving them the opportunity to expand their knowledge or understanding of weaving on 4, 8 or 16 shafts.

Newcomers and experienced weavers alike will have support throughout their time in the studio by a weave technician, making sure the participants are enjoying the process of weaving, giving advice where necessary and trouble-shooting any issues with the looms.

Over the course of the 4 hours, students might enjoy:

  • Learning the mechanics of a table loom
  • Weaving cloth for the first time
  • Experimenting with different yarns and fibres
  • Following and creating patterns
  • Exploring new techniques & patterns on 4, 8 or 16 shafts
  • Experimenting with colour & texture
  • Testing out new ideas and materials
  • Taking home their handwoven cloth

Who is are these sessions for?

These sessions are for both beginners and advanced weavers alike. Any individual wanting to explore the craft or develop their weaving knowledge will have the opportunity to book a loom for the session and experiment with the yarns and fibres in the studio.

The Creative Weaving Sessions are fun to do as a group, on a date, or on your own. They are a really easy way to be introduced to weaving and under our professional guidance you will be at ease to discover more about this craft in a low pressure, friendly environment.

Typical sessions will hold a maximum of 4 students, but you may find your are working on your own or with a smaller group, so feel free to bring music or a podcast to listen to!

Looms & Equipment

Each participant will be working on their own loom. We currently have 4 table looms available to book:

4 Shaft, Harris Table Loom (Good for Beginner and/or Right-Handed Weavers)

4 Shaft, Toijalan Table Loom (Good for Beginner and/or Petite weavers)

8 Shaft, Harris Table Loom (Good for Beginner, Petite and/or Intermediate Weavers)

16 Shaft, Harris Table Loom (Good for Tall and/or Intermediate and Advanced Weavers) 

Each loom is positioned in the studio at standing height, with the expectation that the participant is stood while weaving. However we will do our best to adapt the positioning of the loom for the comfort of individual weavers wherever possible.

Participants will be give a small tray of accessories to hold their yarns & fibres, reed hook and shuttle, so that they can keep the materials they are working with close to hand.

Warp Set Up:

Each month we will be setting up the loom with a different type of yarn and technical set up. One month all the looms may be set up with a point draft on 4 shafts and a fine wool, the next month we might vary the threading up and opt for a straight draft on 4, 8 or 16 shafts and choose a thicker cotton. This will give beginner weavers to access any loom, but offer more advanced weavers the opportunity to experiment and learn from the warp set up.

We will share the Warp Set Up in advance of bookings so you can select which warp appeals most!

Workshop Location:

All workshops are held in beautiful Oxford, where our studio backs onto the Oxford Canal and is a stones throw from central Oxford, train & bus stations and on the edge of the thriving Jericho community.

The sessions will be held in our studio in the Makespace Oxford building.

For those wishing to stay overnight in Oxford and experience what the great city has to offer, we can offer some advice on where to stay and what to do. Get in touch! =)

Available Dates:

NOV 1st - 4th, 2023: Wednesday - Saturday (12pm - 4pm)

NOV 29th - DEC 2nd, 2023: Wednesday - Saturday (12pm - 4pm)

DEC 13th - 15th, 2023: Wednesday - Friday   (12pm - 4pm)

JAN 3rd - 6th, 2024: Wednesday - Saturday   (12pm - 4pm)

FEB 7th - 10th, 2024: Wednesday - Saturday   (12pm - 4pm)

MAR 13th - 16th, 2024: Wednesday - Saturday   (12pm - 4pm)

How to Book:

Before choosing your loom we ask that you purchase the week you wish to attend (on this page). Once you have booked and paid for your week, we will send you a booking confirmation and a follow up email with details on how to choose your specific loom on your preferred day. This will be done on a separate calendar booking system which will list the yarn and draft set up.*

* If you do not yet understand what a draft is, not to worry, you will be shown how to weave the basics with this in mind! *

To view the current availability of the day/ looms, please visit our Booking Calendar. Each loom is available each day, so if your preferred date or loom isn't available, simply choose the next best option.

You can book as many days as you would like, from one day to all four, or changing looms each day to benefit from a different colour of yarn or number of shafts!

Contact us if you have any questions!

What’s included

  • 4 Hours dedicated access to a table loom
  • Guidance from our weaving technician
  • All yarns & fibres for weaving (choose from 100s of yarns and fibres)
  • Refreshments (Tea & Coffee)

What's not included:

  • Lunch or a snack (if you're feeling peckish, try something from The Hayfield Deli across from the studio)
  • Accommodation

Want to purchase this workshop as a gift? Please purchase a Gift Voucher instead to ensure the recipient receives all the required information and can book their preferred date at their leisure!