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Introduction to Weaving (Adults): Private Workshop
Introduction to Weaving (Adults): Private Workshop
Introduction to Weaving (Adults): Private Workshop
Introduction to Weaving (Adults): Private Workshop

Introduction to Weaving (Adults): Private Workshop

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Introduction to Weaving (Adults): Private Workshop

Skill Level: Beginners - Intermediate

Learn to weave using the equipment, tools, materials and processes necessary to create handwoven textiles in our one-to-one, Private Introduction to Handweaving workshop. These workshops offer students a rare opportunity to learn how to weave from experienced, highly-acclaimed weavers working in the field of contemporary weaving.

Working with the student's previous knowledge of handweaving, we will develop a session that is unique to the individual. Whether this is working with the student's own loom (transportation permitting), or on one of our frame or hand looms, together we will determine which skills need improving or developing. From planning a warp to designing and weaving samples, we help to guide students through each step in the weaving process. Or perhaps you need just need a refresher on a specific topic such as winding a warp, how to dress the loom, or read patterns. We are here to help.

We currently offer a 4-hour option as we find that concentration levels often do not extend beyond this point. To help you determine which session would be most beneficial to you, we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs. Once we have determined what your goals are for the session, we will ask you to book the session online. 

Please note: For these sessions, yarn is included. We have a large variety of weaving materials on hand for you to select with our guidance. The materials used will be specific to the nature of the weaving session.

What’s included:

  • 4 hours tuition
  • Access to a dedicated Frame Loom or Hand Loom and all weaving equipment for the duration of the session (or bring your own)
  • Weaving notes as per the session

What is not included:

  •  Lunch (you are free to bring your own or there are 2 wonderful options 10 metres from the studio)
  • Accommodation

     Date: Contact us to arrange a date and time

     Class Size: Private Workshop, one-to-one or 20% discount when booking for 2+ members of your party