Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners
Warp a Table Loom for Beginners

Warp a Table Loom for Beginners

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In this new, 1-day workshop, follow a technical draft plan to consolidate your understanding of how to Warp a Table Loom!

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

What will I learn?

Students may have previously taken our Introduction to Table Loom Weaving workshop or have been learning to weave independently and are looking to consolidate their knowledge of following a technical draft plan through to completion.

In this workshop students will be establishing good habits by following each step of the set up process to warp a table loom. From reading technical notes, to winding a warp, dressing the loom, threading up, reeding and tying on, each repeated step in the weaving set up process enables students to form a repeatable habit. The more regularly a student sets up a warp, the more likely they are to remember the process when working independently.

Working in a steady-paced environment, students will be working individually, in pairs and under our guidance to warp a table loom with the aim of completing the set up in one day. They will follow the technical notes for warps of different yarns and fibres, gaining knowledge and experience of setting up a warp for different types of projects.

Over the course of the day, students will strengthen their technical and practical skills to warp a table loom:

  • Refresh their knowledge of a technical draft plan
  • Practice winding a warp
  • Recall how to wind on a warp onto the back beam
  • Remember how to follow a draft pattern to thread up the loom
  • Practice following a reed plan
  • Tie on the warp
  • Test it is set up correctly and trouble-shoot any issues

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop would suit those who have recently taken our Introduction to Table Loom Weaving workshop or who have prior experience of winding warps and weaving on a table loom, but would like to consolidate what they have learned and put it into practice. Participants completing this workshop will have more confidence in recalling and accurately completing the various stages of the warp set up process.

Participants in this workshop will find it fun, yet challenging, working as a team to support each other whilst accurately warping a table loom. Typical class sizes hold a maximum of 8 students so there will be plenty of individual attention.

Day 1: Review of the technical draft plan, summary of calculations, wind the warp on a warping mill, wind the warp onto the back beam, thread up the warp, reed the warp, tie on the warp, test and trouble-shoot the warp!

Looms & Equipment

Students will be working on one of the table looms in the studio or they can bring their own. In the studio we have 4 different sized looms available, each with a different number of shafts. Each participant will be matched with one of the looms based on their height to ensure maximum comfort when warping the loom.

We also have space for 4 students to bring their own table loom (and supporting equipment). If selecting this option, we will confirm that the loom is suitable for this workshop in advance to ensure that everyone will be able to follow at the same pace. Also note that yarn is not included in this option, so there will be an additional cost at the time of booking. If you would like to enquire about this option, please contact us

* Please note * This workshop is not suitable for Rigid Heddle Looms or Frame Looms.

Warp Set Up:

Participants will be setting up a different warp with each workshop date. They will have the opportunity to work with different materials, learning how to handle them and understanding when to take more care to avoid snapping ends. They will also learn how to trouble-shoot warp issues and fix any mistakes!

This workshop is an excellent opportunity to gain more experience with warping and working with different fibres. If you enjoy the process and fibre, you may be interested in working with the yarn at a later date for one of your own projects.

* Please note *

This workshop can be combined with our Contemporary Handwoven Scarf workshop or our Contemporary Handwoven Cushion workshop so that participants can warp their own loom and then weave on it in the workshop later that month. For this option, please book the dates for the corresponding workshop.

Workshop Location:

All workshops are held in beautiful Oxford, where our studio backs onto the Oxford Canal and is a stones throw from central Oxford, train & bus stations and on the edge of the thriving Jericho community.

The workshop itself will be held in our studio or the gallery space of the Makespace Oxford building (space permitting).

For those wishing to stay overnight in Oxford and experience what the great city has to offer, we can offer some advice on where to stay and what to do. Get in touch! =)

Available Dates:

INTENSIVE: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

INTENSIVE: Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

What’s included:

  • 1 full day of tuition
  • Access to a dedicated 4, 8 or 16 Shaft Table Loom for the duration of the workshop (Studio Loom booking only)
  • All yarns and materials  (Studio Loom booking only)
  • Refreshments (tea, coffee & biscuits)

What's Not Included:

  • Lunch (we request that you bring a lunch on the day or purchase something from The Hayfield Deli across from the studio)
  • All yarns and materials (Bring your OWN LOOM booking only)
  • Reeds, sticks and warping frame (Bring your OWN LOOM booking only)
  • Accommodation

    Want to purchase this workshop as a gift? Please purchase a Gift Voucher instead to ensure the recipient receives all the required information and can book their preferred date at their leisure!