Latest Blogs from The Oxford Weaving Studio

  • How to Wet Finish Handwoven Fabric

    Many people think that once they’ve woven their cloth and taken it off the loom, it’s ready to go. But that’s just the beginning of the handwoven journey if your cloth will be worn or used in the home.

    Learn how to successfully wet finish your handwoven fabric in this blog post.


  • 15 Key Features to Consider When Purchasing a Frame Loom

    Are you new to weaving or are you looking to upgrade your loom? It can be really confusing to decide which weaving frame loom is best for you. To h...
  • New Workshop Programme for 2023/ 2024!

    A summary of our new Weaving Workshop Programme to guide you on which workshop is right for you!

  • What is Frame Loom Weaving?

    Understanding more about frame looms and how a weaver’s style is no longer defined by the type of loom they weave on.
  • What is Tapestry Weaving?

    Breaking down what tapestry weaving is in simple terms.
  • What is Hand-Weaving?

    De-mystifying Weaving in Simple Terms.