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We are developing a whole new series of workshops specifically for children!

We know how difficult it can be to keep children busy, so we are developing a series of weaving workshops suitable for children aged 8+. These workshops will begin with an introduction to weaving where children will learn the weaving and craft skills needed to complete a woven project that they can take home with them.

By dividing the children into age groups and working in small groups of 6, we spend time with each child, teaching them the necessary techniques and guiding them when needed.

Children aged 8 - 11 will focus on fine motor skills, understanding patterns, a little maths and of course, having fun with materials.

Children aged 12+ will learn more about weaving, textiles, understanding patterns, textures and exploring different materials to be creative.

Our first workshop is the Introduction to Weaving workshop, which has proven popular with adults. However we will be adding new workshops each season so that children can progress their skills if they enjoy their workshop!

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